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 I am a divorcee aged fifty six . Just recently I am also one of four women who had the pleasure of giving a Mrs Coles a damn good strapping.
It so happens that I am one of the many lady friends of a publican's wife, a Mrs Bird who employs Mrs Coles as barmaid. Mrs Coles is a plump elderly woman and has a legal separation from her husband. One evening just before last order was called Mrs Coles was clearing the tables of empty glasses and she dropped the tray. 'You clumsy fat bitch' shouted Mrs Bird from where she was chatting to two women behind the bar. There were a few giggles from those in the bar. Mr Bird was away on business up in London at the time.
        Mrs Coles said how sorry she was and set about clearing up the broken glass. 'What she needs.' said one of the two women chatting to Mrs Bird. "is a strap across that fat arse of hers.'
       "You are so damn right.' agreed Mrs Bird. When "time please' was called Mrs Bird asked me to stay behind with the other two women. It was then that Mrs Bird told Mrs Coles what was in store for her.
       'Oh please not that.' said Mrs Coles. "I will gladly pay you for the broken glasses, you can deduct it from my wages.'
       At this one of the two women laughed and then said. "We are going to take it out of your fat arse.' I watched with glee as she was made to take off her dress and slip, leaving her in just her corset, knickers and stockings. Things then got underway, for a bar stool was placed in the centre of the saloon bar over which Mrs Coles was forced to bend.
      "You girls bare her arse whilst I fetch a strap.' Mrs Bird shouted. "No. No, you don't   have to bare my bottom.' pleaded Mrs Coles.
Laughing I took a firm hold of the waist of her black French knickers and dragged them well down her legs. In the meantime the other two women were unfastening her suspenders from her stockings in order to pull the bottom of the corselette high up to fully expose her backside.
      Mrs Bird returned, a longish strap dangling in her hand. She grinned at us as she eyed Mrs Coles' fat bare backside. We all three gave her ten strokes of the strap in turn. I must say she took it well. 
                                                                              Ruth M. (Mrs)Maidstone, Kent


I went to one of the new comprehensive schools well over 1600 children, well appointed nice builds and a large staff. We were all uniformed, the head being an ex naval officer. The cane was used daily on the boys especially the juniors, their names being read out at morning assembly

Prefects wore a distinctive uniform and were proper creeps and never hesitated in reporting you for lines or detentions. Basically we were all quite good, we dressed as instructed, we worked quite hard, we didn’t drink, smoke or have sex in the playground, we kept to the left in the corridors, we didn’t run, we did our prep – but still the school’s prospectus stated ‘Corporal Punishment, will be used on any boy or girl at any stage in the school as and when any offence warrants it. Corporal Punishment is given with an official issue rattan cane on a child’s bottom, and parents will be informed by post when this sanction is evoked’ so all our parents knew, and we all knew it was allowed to be given.

The day they whacked you they sent a letter home by posy, some boys intercepted the postman the next day so that their parents never found out, but a chit had to be returned so they forged their parent’s signature, however signatures were often checked which often resulted in a double dose for the more stupid and dafter kids.

We were all aware that truants ended up in court and often remand homes or Borstal; we had one near here for both boys and girls, a dreadful place with barbed wire around the top of the high walls, tales got out of naked boys and girls locked in concrete or steel cells. I suppose that the Grammar School which had been the foundation of our school had been so strict and rigid that it set the tone and saw us all through getting excellent O and A level results. Added to which with the help of a bit of discipline we all got good jobs.

cute schoolgirl takes down her blue serge uniform regulation school knickers and is given a severe caning with a senior cane on her bare bottom by the headmaster

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 Discipline – my reason for writing. One day we decided to take the morning off and we were very late back after lunch, four of us in the fourth year, and a prefect came to our classroom for us, marched us to the cloakrooms and ordered us all to change into the P. E. Gear, aertex blouse, brief grey pleated skirt and white ankle socks, then ready for a game of netball we were marched to the head’s study – there on his table lay the cane, long and thin and the black punishment book. We heard the secretary say something to the prefect about the girls to be punished – for one hour, two hours we stood looking at that cane, people came and looked at the cane,  people went, some smiled at us, smirked, some pulled faces. First one bell went then classes changed then the next bell, it was sheer hell. We were all local girls, four o’clock came and went we were all crying with fear. At five the head and deputy arrives, he picked up the cane and punishment book, opened a cupboard and put them away. ‘Children,’ he said, ‘letters have been sent to your parents by post telling the of your misdeeds, the next time any of you cross the portals of this study dressed as you are today, then I promise you, you will leave with a caned bottom – dismiss.’

‘Jane,’ said Miss Walker to my friend, ‘Show me your knickers,’ she sheepishly lifted her brief skirt, they were yellow, a hand was held out for them, they were slipped down and handed over – ‘into the school pound until the end of term with these,’ she said. ‘Jane – the uniform colour for knickers in this school is navy blue, I don’t ever cane yellow knickers, I pull them down first, now get out quick,’ and we did.

At home my punishment was the strap, it always had been and the letter duly arrived, and the next day I arrives home from school to an angry mum, and as usual I was marched to my bedroom and bent over my bed, and as usual my navy pants were pulled down and the large dog collar produced which flashed down several times across my bare teenage bum cheeks, and for the rest of the day I was sore and embarrassed.

My chit was returned by my dad with a note saying Sue has had the strap across on her bare bottom.

So at school we were all kept in order and at home but it did me no harm.
       Susan M. Bristol 

cheeky barmaid is bent over and gets her knicker covered bottom and bare thighs caned hard leaving her bare buttocks and thighs covered with red raised welts

C|aned at work

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I am a student aged twenty-three. As I am away from home I have had to look for lodgings; a thing which most students find unpleasant. Luckily, however, I have an aunt who lives in this area and I have been able to move in with her.

    The benefits of being with a kind relative are obvious. I am treated as if I were her own daughter, she is a great cook, she does all my washing and, being an otherwise lonely widow who is fairly well off, she charges me very little rent.

    In return I have to behave myself and corporal punishment is very much in use for the correction of misbehaviour. As I spent many weekends and holidays with my aunt when I was a child I have git to know her as a homely, no-nonsense, middle-aged Scot who has always believed that firm but understanding punishment is often a great benefit to a child.

  Having had some experience with children myself, I tend to agree with her and have never resented my continued subjection to corporal punishment even though I am now an adult.

    When I was a teenager my aunt usually spanked me across her knee, , either with a slipper on my panties or with her hand on my bare bottom. Over the last few years, however, she has decided that I need ‘big girl’ punishment and has chosen caning.

    I am caned once a week whether I deserve it or not, if only to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Usually I touch my toes and with my skirt lifted up. I get six strokes of the cane on my panties which offer some but little protection.

    If my aunt is particularly displeased with me I have to bend forward over the dining room table with my stomach flat on the surface. My pants and tights are rolled down and four or six strokes applied to my bare bottom.

    I hate these bare bottom canings as they sting like hell but thankfully they don’t happen too often.

                                                                                                    Pauline D. (Miss)

Listen in and hear how this lazy secretary gets her bottom strapped hard and then 
gets sixteen stinging strokes of the wicked dragon rattan cane on her bare backside

Secretary feel the sting of the strap

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I am happily married to my husband William, who must be one of the most dedicated spankers of female bottoms in the country.

On several occasions he hauled me across his lap, and playfully spanked the seat of my skirt, and this should have prepared me for the day about a month after our wedding when he complained of a cold breakfast coffee, a moment later, I was over his knee with my dressing gown and nightie pulled up, and his palm was bouncing smartly off my bare bottom. After a dozen or so smacks, he let me go, and I struggled to my feet, out raged, but not unduly sore. I stormed off to my room but William followed with soothing words and, got his face slapped. In a trice i was back across his knee, and this time he did not stop spanking until i was yelling for mercy, when he rolled me over on to my sore rump and made love to me.

From then on my spanking education progressed rapidly, until now I have come to enjoy this constant attention to my well rounded bottom. Why? Because I like having a husband who is the boss; it excites me sexually. William never overdoes it, and although he makes my bottom smart at times, I know I can really trust him never to whip me really viciously.

I usually get a spanking three or four times a week. If I am wearing one of the bottom-hugging skirts or trousers which he likes, he contents himself with bending me well over to stretch my seat covering to drum tautness, and applying his palm, or any other spanking weapon to hand, and believe me, a tight stretched cotton skirt offers little protection, against the hard back of a clothes brush. If it is a loose skirt, this gets pulled up, and usually my panties go in the other direction, although if I am wearing tights, he has a theory that the thin stretchy nylon holds my buttocks firm Vintage spanking readers wivesand enhances the sting. I never know when  to expect a spanking. Sometimes I am accused of some naughtiness, when he will take me ceremoniously across his knee for a prolonged bare bottom spanking at other times the sight of my wiggling bottom will excite him to grab me and upend me before I know what is happening. Once when we had guests to dinner, he followed me into the kitchen, and said the soup was cold. He then made me touch my toes in the middle of the kitchen with my long skirt pulled over my head, whilst he applied a wooden steak tenderiser to my tiny nylon panties. I was sure that our guests heard the whacks, and they must have noticed me wriggling my tenderised bottom on my chair during the rest of dinner.

About once a month we have a special session. I decide when this is to be by wearing a particular rather sexy black dress with a short flared skirt. After we have had dinner with plenty to drink, I go to my bedroom and wait for William. He makes me bend over a small two foot square table, my body flat on the top, my chin just clear of the far side. He puts  a cushion under my tummy to raise my hips, and then ties a cord to my left wrist, which he pulls across my back to the right, under the table, up the other side to my right wrist, so that my arms are crossed behind my 

Listen in as the beautiful Sam Johnson has her knickers taken down & suffers a severe spanking and strapping on her cute bare bottom for being an uncaring wife

Cheating wife gets a spanking from the punishment man
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back and holding me down to the table. This one cord holds me helplessly bent over, as he folds my skirt over my back well clear of my buttocks, to reveal black nylon panties, suspenders and stockings. My arched bottom then gets a dozen or so smarting whacks with a wooden paddle. Then he strips my panties right off, and ties another cord to each ankle, pulling my legs forward under the table to tied them to the table legs on the far side. What a position I am in – literally curled round the edge of the table; utterly helpless with my already sore, bare and reddened bottom, pulled drum taut cocked up in the air in a perfect pose for any chastisement William may wish to inflict on it, it’s cheeks gaping wide to reveal my most intimate parts. My domination is complete.

The next ten minutes are taken up with William applying any of his extensive armoury of spanking weapons which takes his fancy to my poor bottom – a couple with a strap, six with a tawse, a whack with a slipper, even some smacks with his hand. I never know what to expect next, but always he finishes with six sharp cuts with a pencil thin cane, which on my now really tender bottom makes me yell. I am by now very randy.

The consequent orgasm, as I writhe against my bonds must be experienced to be believed. William says that the sight of my bare striped bottom, peeping beneath my raised skirts, as I lay helplessly across the table awaiting his pleasure, is the most erotic thing he knows.
                                                                                             Mrs J. W.


Spanked to tears by the master

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After we had been married for just over two years, my husband and I began to quarrel rather badly. The funny thing was that these quarrels were always about silly things – accidentally breaking a favourite cup for example, or being late for meals, but they caused such an atmosphere of irritation and even anger that our sex lives began to suffer.

Things came to a head one evening when I accidentally spilled a whole bottle of red wine over a new, pale-green carpet. My husband was furious. He picked me up, put me over his knees and pulled down my knickers. Then he pushed my naked bottom in to the air, forced my bum cheeks apart with one of his knees between my legs, and spanked my bare bottom until my buttocks felt as if they were on fire.

After that we had the most exciting love making session for months.

We decided there and then to stop quarrelling and to give each other spankings for any offence committed by either of us. We devised three different positions and decided to use three different instruments of punishment.

Position number one. This has the offender bent over the knees of the punisher. Weapon (A) is an old leather sole which stings and reddens but does not mark.

Position number two. The offender kneels and bends over three or four cushions of pillows. Weapon (B) is the Scottish tawse. This is a handle with a strap attached, altogether about fifteen inches long with the last five inches of the strap divided into three sections or thongs,  when applied gently this stings more than the slipper, but when applied hard leaves red stinging weals which last for several days.

Position three. This posture is in itself degrading and puts the bottom into the most exposed and inviting position possible. The victim must kneel on a low stool or table with hands on the floor. All the weight is taken by the palms of the hands. Weapon (C) is the cane.

One day I found a pair of knickers in the back of my husband’s car; and he had come home late the night before. He gave me an explanation that did not convince me.

I gave him a choice between ten of the best or an investigation. He chose the ten, and did I lay in! I play tennis for my club so I have strong wrists. The marks remained on his bottom for a fortnight.

We keep a diary in which to note down punishments due, and the pay-off is always on Saturday evening. Last week my score was A2 (6). This means six stingers with the slipper in position 2 over the pillows. My husband’s score was c3 (6) – six of the best kneeling on the stool.

So you see how we found a way out of our difficulties with the help of a little imagination – and a few accessories, such as the cane and cushions of course.

Spanked by her boyfriend

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When I was at school, canings were handed out by our Headmaster to both boys and girls. I don't think anybody thought there was anything wrong with that. This was the 1990s and we weren't completely naive. We knew there were men who liked school girls in a way that they shouldn't. But we also knew that he wasn't one of them. We trusted him and I've never heard anything to suggest that we were wrong to do so.
     We trusted out teachers and because we trusted them we had a good relationship with them. If we hadn't trusted them, I don't see how we could have had that.
     In the primary section of the school, the cane wasn't used but there was corporal punishment - smacking and spanking. Most of the time it came from your class teacher. Most of the primary school teachers were women, but there were a few men around and some of them smacked or spanked just as some of the women teachers did. If your class teacher happened to be a man and you did something to get your bottom smacked, he was allowed to do it. And again, I don't think anybody thought anything of it. They were trusted to do the right thing and act in the right way and if they couldn't have been trusted to do that, they wouldn't have been in the classroom in the first place.
     I do know that not all teachers are trustworthy - anybody who reads the newspaper sees reports sometimes of teachers who've done the wrong things with kids. But it seems to me you either trust them or you don't. And if you don't trust them, how can they do their job. And if you do trust them, what's the problem?
     I can see why it's sensible to have a rule that, where possible, certain things are only done by teachers of the same sex as the student involved although I'm not sure where the line needs to be drawn on that. Until we were in grade three, boys and girls changed for PE and sport together under the supervision of the class teacher and I don't see how there was anything wrong with that either. And even after that, boys were often supervised while changing by women because there wasn't any real choice (I don't recall it ever happening the other way around, but because female teachers outnumbered men, it was probably easier to avoid it happening). I can see why you want to avoid that happening when you can but I don't see why it's wrong when it doesn't work out that way.
     And as a woman who was both smacked and caned by 'non-female' teachers as a girl, I am offended on behalf of those men - those good and decent, honest, trustworthy men who did so much for me and for my friends and family - at the suggestion they did something wrong by doing something that was part of their job, and was expected of them and approved of by our parents and, probably, by most of us.
     It's not like limiting it to your own sex removes all risk anyway. I thought about becoming a teacher and I'm a spanko. Odds are, I'd never have wound up in a job where I was allowed to do it, but if I was, I'd be more likely to be enjoying myself smacking a girl, than your average man would.

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